One of the hardest things to do is wait. 

Have you ever been so hungry that you are HANGRY? 
(Hungry+Angry= Hangry) 😩

I know a lot of times I am hangry and annoyed that my meal is taking so long to come out of the kitchen at a restaurant. 

Most of the time, I prefer ordering an appetizer first so that I can snack on something before my full meal comes out. 

There is nothing like eating some good cheese sticks before a good steak or some chicken! 

So here it goes. Something I have been pondering and want to leave you with.  

Order the appetizer while you wait on God.

Or in other words, praise him while you are waiting on whatever you are praying for. 

The appetizer comes before the meal.

Your worship comes before the blessing.

Worship first and then watch Jesus show up with the meal. 

You will be more than full and satisfied. 

This has been on my heart for a week now & hope it makes sense. This is one of those things that just popped up in my heart/head out of the blue. 




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